Backup and Disaster Recovery

The safety of your data, the survival of your business

Natural disasters, theft, human error, or a system failure can happen to any business at any time. And while you may think it won’t happen to you, could you continue to conduct your business should the worst happen? It is worth risking everything you’ve worked hard for from sheer ignorance? Don’t take that chance - according to Infrascale, the cost of just one hour of downtime for a small business is $8,000, so imagine the amount of money you would lose from a catastrophe, not to mention, the cost of actual recovery.

Backup and Disaster Recovery from BNS keeps your data safe and available by:

  • Performing a two-stage backup process (one to local storage at your site and a second copy pushed to our secure cloud for redundancy) on a schedule that works best for your business
  • Encrypting your data to ensure access are only from authorized users
  • Virtualizing your servers, applications and data so they’re available within minutes

With safe backup copies of your IT infrastructure, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data to natural disasters or other unfortunate events again. We also do a monthly invoice for our protection services with no surprise charges, making it easy for you to budget your expenses.